Deadpool Logo (Pocket Print) - Marvel Official Polo T-shirt

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<p>Once upon a time when the nights were dusky and the bars served whiskey, there lived a man who was more handsome than Cap, stronger than the Hulk, and smarter than Tony. He was known as Wade Wilson!</p><p>He was incredibly charming and humble to everyone. Even to the bad people he would offer crayon drawings, always loved sharing things (whether it be 9mm rounds), and would have a sweet talk rather than stabbing them with knives, shooting their heads with bullets or sitting on their faces.</p><p>If you love Deadpool as much as we do for his warm and good heart then this coolest of cool t-shirt is made for you!</p><p>*Deadpool retrieves the knife off the internƒ??s throat*</p><p><br></p><p>*Officially licensed Marvel design.</p>